Directions to the TRRA Millvale Boathouse

From Fox Chapel Road, take Rt. 28, South

Exit at Millvale. Go straight at the first STOP sign

Go straight into the right lane at the first light.

As you pass the first light you want to be in the middle lane which bears left to the second traffic light. Here you want to be in the right lane going to Rt. 28 South.

At the second light, go through in the right lane which becomes the only lane  as you go to go under the Rt 28 overpass. Immediately there will be a left turning lane.

There will be a railroad underpass on the left and a white sign indicating Millvale Riverfront Park. Turn left and go under the bridge, cross the railroad tracks, and go under a second railroad overpass to a STOP sign.

Turn right at the STOP sign and proceed about 1/4 mile to the Three Rivers Rowing boathouse. The exercise facility is the first red, white, and blue building at the end of the road, with the boat storage building behind it. 

(90 River Front Drive, Millvale PA 15209)

Here is a link to the map:

 For more information, contact Head Coach Mark Bellinger at: